SIENS EYE CODE sparks from an intuition and celebrates the equation between the visible and the invisible.

The project sparks from the symbiosis of design, technology and scientific research based on perception and reality.

SIENS embodies the concept of visual recodification, interpreting and determining a new way of communicating with oneself and with others depending on the objects that are worn.

The object itself becomes a visual device lying between our inner world and external experience



between perceptible and imperceptible, between the eye and reality, between ourselves and the world surrounding us, inspiring us to be authentic and unique.

The concept evolves from an innovative, dynamic and versatile reality. Its vision of design and intuition transforms into singular creatures to be worn and that come into being through teamwork.

25 November 2020


Siens Journey


Siens' creatures travel around the globe interacting with the multitudes of the outer and inner journey of the wearer, functioning not only as a tool of amplification and protection, but also as an integral part of the experience.

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The collection develops 3 patents: a new hinge, a lens mounting system, and an eyewear integrated packaging.

The idea conceived merges art and technology, vision and science to create a three-dimensional high-tech product.

Cube Hinge

Clip on

Integrated lens protection


The collection

SIENS EYE CODE establishes a new code, a new language that connects our being to the surrounding reality. This concept is inspired to Dirac’s equation, which describes the phenomenon of quantum entanglement: the principle by which if two systems interact with each other for a certain period of time and are then separated, they can no longer be described as two separate systems, but they become one single system.

Everything is connected

In this vision of global connection, SIENS EYE CODE blends visionary design to high technology evolution and craftsmanship of the finishings to create unique and recognizable creatures with a strong aesthetic impact. The collection evolves into 3 visions transcending the three states of being: Body, Mind and Spirit combining them into one sole energy, experimenting and spacing through forms.



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